Pakistan national anthem world record 13-08-2011

The most people singing a national anthem simultaneously is 104,637 and was achieved at an event organized by The Art of Living Foundation (India) where participants sang ‘Vande Mataram,’ India’s National Anthem, in Pune, India, on 12 January 2010.

We have contacted GWR to rectify the record as “vande matram” is not a national anthem of India. We are waiting for their reply and correct record details.As National Anthem record was with philipines, with 5000+ people singing their national anthem.

On 13th August at 10pm
We are going to Break 2 records & will Make 1 New record
1. Most People Singing Pakistan’s National Anthem
2. Most People Dressing Up Like Quaid e Azam (maximum 300 as record is 263 people dressup like Mahatma Gandhi)
3. Most People Attending a Facebook Event

People Interested in doing it in their own cities can do so and we can work out a video link so we can have the cities connected thru video link. You are most welcome to organize the event in your respective cities, so we can sing it together from multiple locations.
Do contact us, if interested.

The Whole Nation of Pakistan invited in that EVENT including DIGITAL, PRINT MEDIA, Corporate & Private Sector



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